To Go Orders

To Go Meals at The Duck & Avellino…

The Duck & Avellino are now open for Outdoor Dining, but you can still get some fantastic economical meals to curb your cravings and to enjoy in your home.

Hours are 11:30am–8pm, Tuesday–Saturday for “To Go” orders, you may order ahead and specify a pickup time at checkout, please allow at least 30 minutes from the time you place your order for pickup.

To increase the safety of our customers and staff “To Go” orders must be paid for ahead of time and picked up outside the restaurant. A curbside delivery area will be clearly marked for delivery to your car.

If you require a gluten-free meal or have an allergy, please call the restaurant directly at 508-347-2321 to place your order.

Click here to view our menu of  a great selection of restaurant quality preportioned, grill ready meat, poultry, sausage, seafood, and prepared side dishes to cook at home!

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